What are the goals of treatment?

The key goals of treatment should be discussed before it begins.

The healthcare team, (which may include: psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse or social worker), will work with the person with schizophrenia and their family to help keep these goals in sight.

Goals will be short-term as well as long-term. Some of these treatment goals are listed below.1,2,9

  • Remove or reduce the symptoms.
  • Prevent relapses occurring.
  • Prevent or reduce the need to visit or stay in hospital.
  • Avoid or reduce undesirable side-effects that might result from medication.
  • Achieve and maintain relief from symptoms so that they no longer have a negative effect on the patient’s life.
  • Begin or resume everyday activities such as work, education, independent living, social relationships.

The treatment will be designed to help achieve the goals that the person with schizophrenia feels are important. This will usually require medication as well as psychosocial treatments.