This site is designed to provide anyone affected
by schizophrenia with helpful resources, information and interactive tools.

Your medication

Sometimes it's hard to know how your medication routine is affecting aspects of your life. Download this digital diary to help you follow the relationship between your medication, how you are feeling and the daily events in your life.

Mark in Space

Talking to your doctor

Your choices

There are different choices when it comes to the treatment of schizophrenia for different individuals. The potential benefits of each have been outlined to help you make the right decision with your doctor.

Getting better

'Getting better' is a very personal journey. This section should help you set realistic goals, and work with your doctor to monitor your progress and keep moving in the right direction.

Take our short questionnaire to help you and your doctor understand how you feel about your medication.

If you're worried that a family member or friend is unwell, or you want to know how to respond to the different situation that you find yourself in, use our short interactive decision tree to get tailored advice.

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